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About Can Tho

Can Tho has gained a reputation for its traditional yet creative cuisine. We take pride in offering a diverse set of dishes delivered to your home or office. Every dish are meticulously prepared in authentic Vietnamese style, using only the best spices and ingredients. Can Tho, serving the most delicious food with the freshest vegetables and meat!

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899 Old Kent Road
Peckham, SE151NL

Can Tho's Most Popular Items


vietnamese fried spring rolls filled with pork, prawn, onions, carrots and taro, served with lettuce, mint and vietnamese fish sauce


fried spring rolls filled with cabbage, carrot and chinese leaves, served with sweet chilli sauce


fresh rice paper rolls filled with shredded lettuce, mint, rice vermicelli, prawns and thin slices of pork belly, prawns or vegetables, served with vietnamese fish sauce


grilled pork tender loin prepared vietnamese style over steamed rice and carrot pickle, served with vietnamese fish sauce


vietnamese beef stew prepared with beef brisket and carrots then cooked in fragrant spices, served with steamed rice


specially marinated pork tender loin grilled and then stir fried with lemongrass, served with steamed rice

Customer Reviews of Can Tho

1,002 reviews


  • Extremely delicious food!


  • Pho broth was great. Rolls were great.


  • Order roast duck and rice yesterday and it was Awful the duck wasn't even duck it must have been something else was so disgusted and disappointed


  • Not bad if you are desperate for some Vietnamese food!


  • Pretty decent. Judging from the other reviews on here, I think one should stick to the Vietnamese classics. Ordered a beef pho and cha gio (spring rolls).


  • I had put in a special request for peanut sauce but that was not provided, nor was I given any reason for this. I ended up waiting for over an hour for this delivery despite being sent a text saying it should arrive earlier than anticipated. So it ended up being later than the original time anyway! Ridiculous. No communication at all.


  • BEWARE WITH THAT PLACE!!! 2 hours after I order my meal they called me to cancel it because "it they run out of pork and beef"!!


  • My order was delivered within estimated time, I was happy to come home and enjoy it with my family. The food was tasty, well prepared.


  • Was 45 mins over the latest time it could arrive and they refused to give me any kind of refund. The flavour was lacklustre and not that nice


  • Very average .. The pork was tasty but the other dishes failed .. Not sure if I'll order again .. I certainly won't rush.. The thai dishes were not thai just weird and the Vietnamese lucked on flavour ..


  • Took an hour and a half for it to arrive :( But once it had, it was tasty.


  • I ordered at Can Tho the second time and was not disappointing. We had fried Spring rolls as the starter and they were nice and crispy and full of flavour. For mains we had the special pho and bun with grilled pork, it was really tasty and balanced with fresh salad, picked carrots and herbs. Would order with them again and recommend to people wanting a healthy and tasty dinner!


  • Great, fresh, authentic and tasty Vietnamese food! Restaurant quality, unlike the 'takeaway quality' of most places.


  • The food itself was actually quite good but I had to clean my fridge afterwards as all the boxes were absolutely slathered in grease and it was really disgusting. It was literally like they slicked the boxes with oil - it got all over my hands, my clothes, the kitchen top, my fridge etc etc. So unfortunately despite the actual quality of the food I will not be ordering from them again.


  • kari ayam was fruity, creamy and spicy with tender chicken. noodle soup all delivered hit and separate with lots of fresh coriander. very tasty